Celebrating the Iowa State Cyclones: A Guide for Team Fans

Celebrating the Iowa State Cyclones: A Guide for Team Fans

Iowa State Cyclones fans are known for their passion and dedication to their team. From the pre-game tailgates to the post-game celebrations, there are plenty of opportunities for Cyclones fans to come together and show their support. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Cyclones fans celebrate their team and the traditions that make these celebrations so special.


Before every home game, Cyclones fans can be found tailgating in the parking lots outside Jack Trice Stadium. These pre-game parties are a time for fans to gather with friends and family, enjoy food and drinks, and get pumped up for the game. Some fans go all out with elaborate tents, grills, and coolers, while others keep it simple with a few chairs and a cooler of beer. But no matter how elaborate the setup, the spirit of camaraderie is strong.

Post-Game Celebrations

Win or lose, Cyclones fans like to celebrate after the game. Some fans head to local bars and restaurants to continue the party, while others take the celebrations back to their tailgates. Fans also gather at designated spots around campus, such as the Campanile or the fountain outside Beardshear Hall, to cheer, sing the school fight song, and revel in the excitement of the game.


There are a number of traditions that Cyclones fans follow to show their support for their team. One of the most beloved is the Cyclone Walk, where the team walks through a sea of fans on their way into the stadium before the game. Fans line up along the path, cheering and high-fiving the players as they pass by.

Another tradition is the Cardinal and Gold Spirit Game, where fans are encouraged to wear the team colors to work or school on Fridays before home games. This tradition has become so popular over the years that it’s now a statewide event, with fans across Iowa showing their support for the Cyclones by wearing cardinal and gold.


Being a fan of the Iowa State Cyclones is more than just rooting for a sports team – it’s a way of life. From the pre-game tailgates to the post-game celebrations, Cyclones fans come together to show their support for their team and celebrate the traditions that make being a Cyclone so special. Whether it’s cheering at the Cyclone Walk, donning the cardinal and gold on Fridays, or simply enjoying a cold beer with friends before the game, Cyclones fans know how to celebrate their team. Go Cyclones!

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